Our Students

As part of the Hawai`i State Department of Education’s Learning Center Program, KPAC serves Kapa’a High School, Kaua’i High School, Waimea High School, Kapa’a Middle School, Chiefess Kamakahele Middle School, Waimea Canyon Middle School, and Hawai’i Technology Academy Charter School.

KPAC Teachers & Production Team

High School Fall Play

  • Director – Cher Ellwood

Middle School Fall Play Directors

  • Rene Relacion – Kapa’a Middle School
  • Sheri Majewski – Waimea Canyon Middle School
  • Rachel Lasky – Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School

High School Spring Musical Staff

  • Artistic Director – Carla Kirk
  • Musical Director – Rachel Lasky
  • Choreographer – Julia Owens, Emily Kwon
  • Scenic Design – Seth Womble, KPAC students
  • Costumer – Carla Kirk
  • Makeup Artist – Sasha Sakai, Shanda Womble
  • Lighting Tech – Steve Whitney
  • Sound Tech – Marty Schmidt

KPAC Coordinator

Cher Ellwood, Ed.D – KPAC Coordinator


Cher has loved the performing arts her entire life.


In NYC, Cher’s mother found her 3 year old daughter dancing in the aisles in the New York City Ballet’s 1957 production of The Nutcracker Suite. Cher has always danced and loved watching dance. Cher also studied the piano, voice, and acting from the time she was a child. And she attends theatre whenever she has the opportunity!


Cher moved to Kaua’i in 2009 to teach mathematics at Waimea High School (2009-2011) and then at Kaua’i High School (2011-2017). While teaching mathematics, she also sang in Kaua’i Voices for 14 seasons and the Kaua’i Chorale for 2 seasons.

Cher has acted in 6 plays for Kaua’i Community Players (KCP). She has directed one KPAC 30-Minute Middle School Play for CKMS, and taught one high school Scenes Course for KPAC. She has choreographed 3 Summer Stars productions for Hawai’i Children’s Theater (HCT) and 3 for KPAC.  She sits on the Board for HCT and KPAC.


Cher became the coordinator for KPAC in SY2017-2018. As coordinator, SY 2017-2018, she directed the play Almost, Maine, and the musical The Addams Family. Last year, SY 2018-2019, she directed the parody The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised] and the musical, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Over the summer of 2019, Cher directed and choreographed the HCT After Dark Production of the musical Chicago.


Prior to 2009, Cher danced professionally in musical revues for 8 years (2 shows a night, 6 days a week) in USA, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, and Japan. She worked as an assistant director and choreographer with Pepper Clyde Tucker for 3 years setting 7 Brides for 7 Brothers in community theaters in NY, TX, NV, and CA. Cher and her husband owned and ran a video production company in CA for 5 years, for which she was the head writer.


Cher also wrote, directed, and/or choreographed children’s theater productions and has taught elementary, middle, and high school drama for 6 years in CA. Cher has instructed Scriptwriting and Screenwriting courses on high school and college campuses. She also has instructed graduate level college Education courses in Math Instruction and Arts Integration.


Cher earned a BA in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, NY, in 1977; an MA in Communications from Regent University, VA, in 1986; and an EdD in Instructional Leadership from Grand Canyon University, AZ, in 2013.