About Us

KPAC (The Kaua'i Performing Arts Center) is part of the Hawai`i State Department of Education (HI DOE) Student Learning Centers (SLCs). The Learning Centers are designed to expand educational opportunities for students with special talents and interests. There are twenty-nine SLCs operating in Hawai`i’s public schools. Six of these Centers are Performing Arts Learning Centers (PALCs). KPAC, a PALC, is the only HI DOE SLC on the island of Kaua'i.

KPAC educates Kaua'i public school students, grades 6 through 12, in the understanding of and appreciation for plays and musicals. KPAC helps students develop their acting, singing, and dancing skills. KPAC also provides students with opportunities to develop life and leadership skills. Through public performances, KPAC promotes an appreciation of the performing arts for the entire island community.

KPAC strives for excellence in theater training for middle and high school students. We use the medium of theater to engage, enlighten, and motivate our youth towards responsible, productive, and fulfilling lives as community members. We aim to provide broad access to theater experiences by reaching out across diverse backgrounds to engage youth from all across the island as both actors and audience. We work to ensure that each and every student who has the curiosity or the passion for theater has an equal opportunity to experience this life changing art form.

Commitment and dedication are paramount to participation in KPAC. The KPAC production staff and coordinator promise to work our hardest to insure an excellent, professional production and the opportunity for students to grow in their craft as an actor, singer, and dancer in a caring learning environment.  We will post rehearsal schedules online in advance and notify students of any changes via Remind. We will be prepared. We expect the same level of commitment, communication, and hard work from our students.

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